Trump reminded the crews of the photo of his father with the killer of John F. Kennedy

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump reminded of the photo of the father of his opponent Ted Cruz in which he is pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald killed the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy.

Photo of Rafael Cruz and killer Kennedy previously published tabloid the National Enquirer. It was made in New Orleans in 1963. Cruz and then Oswald was handing out literature in support of Fidel Castro.

“You know that his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald before Oswald was shot. I mean that all this is ridiculous. That is, [he was there] just before the shooting, and no one calls it,” trump said in a broadcast on Fox (quoted by Reuters).

In response, Cruz called trump “a pathological liar”. “He doesn’t know the border between truth and lie,” said Cruz. “Yes, my father killed John Kennedy, he secretly buried Elvis and Jimmy Hoff (American Union leader, disappeared in 1975. —) in his back yard” — a joke he said.

Recent behavior trump has caused concern among conservatives. In late April, senior assistant to the candidate by Paul Manafort reported that the billionaire intends to change its image. He told party leaders that they will see another trump — “a deeper person, a real person.” The negativity towards trump will soon come, said Manafort. As noted by the Associated Press, this solution is designed to convince party leaders that their candidate will soften your tone for success in the elections.

Trump is now leading in the presidential race among Republicans. According to the estimates of Real Clear Politics, he enlisted the support of the 996 delegates, while the crews are ready to act 565 delegates. For extension must 1237 votes.