Ted Cruz decided to withdraw from the presidential campaign after losing to Trump

According to the publication Politico, after today’s defeat in Indiana, where trump has received the support of more than 50% of the electorate and the voices of all 57 delegates from state, Cruz decided to abandon further combat. As stated by the candidate after the announcement of the results of the primaries, he now sees how he can get the nomination.

“From the beginning I said that we will fight as long as we still have chances to win. Today, I regret to say that the victory is virtually eliminated,” he said, Cruz broadcaster CNN.

Politico notes that Cruz made a big bet on Indiana. He concluded a Pact on the joint struggle against trump’s” with Governor of Ohio John Kastom and spent big money on advertising on local television. However, that did not stop Trump to win the primaries at a lower financial cost. “We put everything in Indiana, but voters chose a different choice,” said Cruz as supporters.

CNN notes that in his farewell speech, Cruz never mentioned the name of the trump, saying only that it will continue to defend the values of freedom.

The only rival trump in the struggle for the presidential nomination remained Kasic, which in Indiana received less than 10% of the vote.

After the victory in Indiana trump has secured the support of 1041 delegate at the party Congress. Unconditional for the presidential nomination he needs to win the votes of delegates 1237.