The EU announced the abolition of visas for Ukraine and Georgia in 2016

In an interview with radio station “Freedom” Khan expressed the hope that the citizens of Ukraine and Georgia, as well as Kosovars can travel without visas in the EU in 2016. According to him, this requires a political solution, but its work in Kiev and Tbilisi have already done.

Khan recalled that Georgia and Ukraine have already received recommendations for the establishment of a visa-free regime. “I think that should be a joint relationship, at least in the three countries, and can be, and Turkey”, – said the Commissioner.

On 20 April the European Commission invited the European Council and the European Parliament to introduce Ukraine to the list of countries whose citizens can travel to the EU without visas. As explained by EU Commissioner for migration and citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos, in the case of the adoption of the document by the European Council and the European Parliament, in the first stage, citizens of Ukraine who have biometric passports are able to travel to Schengen countries without a visa for up to 90 days. In the case of business trips, travel programs, or family matters, the term of visa-free travel to the European Union can be increased to 180 days.

Free entry will not give permission to citizens of Ukraine to get a job in the EU. They in any case have to obtain permission and to provide financial guarantees.

A similar proposal in respect of Georgia, the European Commission proposed in early March.