The European Commission proposed to abolish visa regime with Turkey

The European Commission Thursday, may 4, invited the EU Council and the European Parliament to cancel the visa regime with Turkey. About this on his page on Twitter said the European Commissioner for competition of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager, posting a picture of the application fee.

“Balanced and strong decisions of the Commission on visa liberalization, reforming the system for granting asylum and return to the Schengen area”, — she wrote.

Vestager published document has the title “Turkey’s Progress in the implementation of the roadmap for visa liberalization”. According to the statements, the Commission proposes to adopt the decision on visa-free regime “at the latest by the end of June”. The new rules will allow the Turks to enter the Schengen area for up to 90 days within six months within the tourism and business travel. For such a decision, the Ankara must perform 72 points under the proposed Road map. They relate to border control, illegal migration, and fighting organized crime and protection of human rights.

In March the European Commission reported on the implementation of the 35 items on the roadmap. At the same time as the day before had informed bi-Bi-si, to may 4 Turkey has not fulfilled the half of the 72 conditions.

The introduction of a visa-free regime is part of the deal between Turkey and the EU on the settlement of the migration crisis, aggravated in 2015. Its terms suggest that Ankara will accept the return of migrants who had moved from Turkey to Greece, the cost of their return and accommodation will take the EU.

Among the conditions of Ankara, in addition to the liberalization of the visa regime, also included the opening of additional negotiating positions for the country’s integration into the European Union. Speaking about the prospects of the entry of Turkey into the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that “this issue is not on the agenda”. The Chancellor, otmetila that if Ankara meets the requirement for the return of illegal migrants, she’ll hold the visa-free regime since June of this year.