FT learned about the plans of Pakistan to buy Russian fighter planes instead of F-16

FT learned about the plans of Pakistan to buy Russian fighter planes instead of F-16

Pakistan has threatened to buy advanced Russian or Chinese fighters after Washington refused to provide Islamabad subsidies for the purchase of American F-16, writes the Financial Times, citing a senior source in the Pakistani foreign Ministry.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, Pakistan is considering other options, including Russian su-35 and Chinese J10 and J20. About willingness to enter into a contract with another supplier early in the week, said Advisor to Prime Minister on national security and international Affairs, Aziz Sartaj. “If the funding will come, Pakistan will get F-16. Otherwise, we will choose the aircraft of the other options,” Aziz said, not specifying which are these contractors.

Chinese fighter jet J-20, 2011

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The U.S. approved the sale to Pakistan of eight F-16 fighters in February. It was assumed that Islamabad will pay for them about $270 million and will receive grants of the United States. But this week in Washington said that the deal may not be completed on favorable terms and planes will cost Pakistan $700 million members of the U.S. Congress from both parties demand from Islamabad, who is suspected of supporting militants, “behavioural changes”. “Given the objections of Congress, we told the Pakistanis that the to buy them have to use budgetary funds”, — explained in the state Department.

As the FT notes, before the terrorist attacks of September 11, the United States and Pakistan had close ties. However, after us forces actively fought against the insurgents of movement “the Taliban” (banned in Russia), while Islamabad had provided them with shelter. Us authorities are dissatisfied with the support of Pakistani authorities, and other Islamist organizations.

The US authorities have also expressed concerns about the development of Pakistan’s tactical nuclear capabilities, which is believed in Washington that could lead to conflict with India. President Barack Obama said that Islamabad is moving in the wrong direction”. In turn, the source FT in the government of Pakistan explained that the authorities have to strengthen the defense due to the superiority of India in conventional forces.