Kadyrov suggested that the head of the Supreme court of Chechnya to resign

Acting head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov invited the President of the Supreme court of the Republic of Magomed Karataev and three more judges in the region to resign. About this he wrote in his Instagram.

“I invited the President of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic Magomed Karataev and three judges, if they have a concept of honor and professional ethics, to write a statement and voluntarily leave his post. I’m sure that it will be the right decision in their lives,” — wrote Kadyrov.

According to him, it happened during a meeting with members of the Supreme court and Federal district judges, which were given the examples related to the tightening of terms of consideration of criminal cases on the merits”. Took place and “an egregious example, when located in the Federal wanted list member of illegal armed groups court decision declared “missing persons”, said Kadyrov.

Special criticism is the practice of consideration of civil cases on the disputed flats. There is evidence of issuance of conflicting decisions on the same case”, is listed as the head of the Republic.

Kadyrov added that “all these examples are isolated or small in number” but “they do not contribute to the growth of public confidence in the judicial system, to power in General”. “In the Chechen Republic should not be a single person, in respect of which handed down an unfair sentence or not held accountable for their actions”, — stressed the head of Chechnya.

According to the law on termination of powers of judges adopts the qualification Board of judges.