Kremlin experts have found Putin’s supporters in the opposition

Thursday close to the Kremlin development Fund civil society (headed by the former head of the political administration of the presidential administration Konstantin Kostin) will present the second study on so-called “Putin majority” — the electorate of the incumbent President of Russia. The first study, the experts were presented a year ago, then they basically talked about how this majority was formed. This time, the authors commissioned a survey of the all-Russian center for public opinion research (conducted April 16-17), on the basis of which the conclusion about the preservation and even the extension of the “Putin majority” “despite the socio-economic problems”.

The President is not for business

The activities of Vladimir Putin’s favor 82%, and 84% of respondents admit the possibility of voting for him in the election, the results of the survey. In last year’s survey Fcsd cited a survey Thomas in April 2015, then the confidence rating was 85%, and the electoral rating is 76%.

Kremlin experts say that with a slight difference Putin’s supporters evenly distributed between men and women, representatives of different age categories and professions, as well as residents of different cities.

Women are slightly better attitude to Putin is among them, 83% approve of the President, and vote for him, ready 85%. Among men, the figures were 81% and 82%, respectively. Putin’s supporters are proportionally represented in all age groups, the study said Fcsd. The least loyal were representatives of the age group from 25 to 34 years, among them Putin approve of 78%. Most of all work like Putin, people over 60 years, among them approval reached 87%.

A noticeable share of supporters of Putin living in Moscow and St. Petersburg, here he approve 87% and ready to vote 89%, follows from the data VTSIOM. In other cities support below: approve 79%, and to support the election of finished 81%. Among the villagers Putin endorses 81%, and allow the possibility to vote 85%.

From the study it appears that less other of Putin approves state employees with higher education (71%) and entrepreneurs (76%). Much higher figure among gosudarstvennyh and municipal employees — 93%. But only 79% of these people are ready to vote for Putin.

The electorate of the opposition

The current President was supported by the supporters of all political forces, say the authors. Among United Russia of Putin approves 96% and the same number are willing to vote for him. In “Fair Russia” — 77% and 87%, respectively. The Communist party only second to the loyalty — of these 76% and 79%, respectively. Most of the protest was the liberal democratic party — 69% and 76%, respectively.

“Putin has support among supporters of other political parties, including those that represent non-systemic opposition,” says the study. Among them, 64% approve of the President, and the same allow the possibility to vote for it. We are talking about the representatives of all non-parliamentary parties, including non-system, but the names of specific political forces in the poll did not sound, said the representative of Fargo.

“In terms of security risks, during the formation of the state is very high demand on the leader capable of consolidating the nation. And if such a leader appears, it support generally is non-partisan in nature,” says Costin. He believes that however loyal to Putin the party remain in opposition. “Movement of Republicans for Roosevelt (Franklin Roosevelt, President from the Democratic party. —) did not lead to multilocale of the Republican party, and the consolidation around Adenauer (Konrad Adenauer, first German Federal Chancellor) did not destroy the political system of Germany,” he says.

Deputy Chairman of the party PARNAS Ilya Yashin doubt that Putin has such high support from the entire society and, in particular, among the non-systemic opposition. He recalled that according to a recent poll “Levada-the centre” the President’s rating has returned to dobrinski level. “Putin has the support, but it should not be exaggerated. The standard of living is clearly reduced and no longer remains technology to maintain the rating at this level. It is clear that the Kremlin funds only and remains what to publish fake research about over-the-top support — they have been created for this,” he says.