Medvedev demanded better protection of fuel and energy assets from terrorists

In the southern Federal district (SFD) continuing deficiencies in the anti-terrorist protection of objects of fuel and energy complex (FEC), said security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev during exit meeting in Astrakhan on prevention and counter-terrorism and security in the energy sector.

“I would ask the speakers to pay special attention to improving the efficiency of fuel and energy assets, including the creation of security structures in accordance with the current legislation”, — said Patrushev. The issue of energy security and combating criminal activities in the energy sector is important from the point of view of national security, he added.

While in the southern Federal district in 2015 and first quarter 2016 not committed any act of terrorism, Patrushev said: “the law Enforcement bodies and bodies state power of constituent entities of the Russian Federation district (SFD) implemented a set of measures on counteraction to manifestations of extremism and terrorism, ensuring public safety. A key result of these joint activities and interagency cooperation was preventing in the district in 2015 and in the first quarter of this year, terrorist acts”.

The main threats to energy security of the southern Federal district, according to him, due to the high depreciation of production assets and lack of necessary investments for their extensive and timely updates: “Depreciation in power generation ranges from 60 to 90%”. In addition, not solved the problem of mass theft of hydrocarbons and non-payment for supplied energy resources.

Patrushev also called to adjust the regional target programs to improve the effectiveness of the prevention of terrorism and extremism. “First of all it is necessary to improve the performance of the detection and suppression of criminal activities of gangs and their accomplices. To intensify the opposition of the destructive activities of radical religious centers and organizations,” he said.

The meeting was held with the participation of presidential envoy to the SFD Vladimir Ustinov, the Governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin, representatives of major oil companies, including Rosneft, LUKOIL and Tatneft, as well as the energy Ministry, interior Ministry and other agencies.