The media learned about the plans for FNS to simplify the deferral and installment plans for taxes

The Federal tax service (FTS) proposes to simplify the procedure for the provision of payment by installments and delay to individuals on the tax payable, reports Vedomosti, citing two Federal officials.

According to the employee of the tax authorities, 90% of the debts of natural persons relate to property taxes, according to the interlocutor of the edition these debts reach 180 billion. However, under the current rules to the postponement of installments is possible only if the debtor has no assets. As noted by one of the interlocutors edition, because of this limitation, the mechanism of installments and delay does not work, because the situation when the tax on the property, and no property, are extremely rare.

As the source explained the newspaper, voluntarily pay property tax of about 52-54% of Russians, another 10-12% to repay the debt after a call of the tax on the phone. The other debts or are written off by court of accounts of the debtor, or is collected through bankruptcy.

Official financial-economic bloc said that although for 2015 the income tax has been collected almost 5 times more than property taxes, to recover them harder. It needs to work with more than one employer, and with all individuals.