Development company “pioneer,” bought the lands of the former “Oboronservis”

On Friday, may 5, the group of companies “pioneer” has bought at auction a land plot of the former “Oboronservis”, said the representative of the Russian auction house (the auction organizer). Plot with an area of 5.9 hectares is located at the address: Gzhatskaya, VL. 9. The seller of the plot was made by one of the companies “Oboronstroy”, included in holding of JSC “Garrison” (formerly “Oboronservis”).

In the course of trading was done step 92 to increase the total cost of the project amounted to 2.3 billion rubles in the auction was attended by ten candidates, said the representative of RAD. The consideration paid will be made within 20 calendar days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.

On this site there are 22 buildings and structures for various purposes, the report said PLEASED. Previously, there was a woodworking plant, but it has long lost its purpose and is now building in this territory is leased for offices, said the Deputy General Director of JSC “Garrison” Otto Sopronenko. The facility was put up for auction in the framework of the programme for the implementation of non-core assets, he added. Sopronenko, also confirmed that the winner of the auction was the company “pioneer”.

The company “pioneer” declined to comment.

According to Sopronenko, the auction for the sale of land outside Gzhatskaya was the largest since the reorganization of the holding. In February 2015, in the process of liquidation of the structure of “Oboronservis” JSC “170 individual design-technological Bureau” has sold a building in St. Petersburg on Peter, 5, 25 mln. to the individual. In December 2015 the development company “KVS” bought from JSC “Garrison” land in St. Petersburg with an area of 10.4 hectares over 512 million RUB.

According to experts, the best of possible options for the use of the sold area is the redevelopment to create new facilities, including residential, says CEO RAD Andrey Stepanenko. According to the head “IRN-Consulting Tatyana Kalyuzhnova, it is more logical for this land to build a residential complex with an area of comfortclass 180-190 thousand sq. m. “While the actual living area is about 100 thousand square meters,” she says. — To sell apartments in this complex at an average price of 180-190 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m”. Investment in the project Kalyuzhnova estimates at 10 billion rubles.

JSC “Oboronservis” was created in the restructuring of the Ministry of defense a presidential decree and a government resolution in 2008. 100% of its shares belonged to the defense Ministry. “Oboronservis” was managing more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliated companies serving the Russian Armed forces. From 2009 to 2011, the Board of Directors of “Oboronservis” was headed by the former at that time Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov.

In 2012, together with the head of Department of property relations of the Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva, Serdyukov became the person involved in criminal case about large-scale embezzlement in the Ministry of defense (“case “Oboronservis”). In November 2012, Serdyukov was dismissed, and his place was taken by Moscow region Governor Sergei Shoigu.

In 2014, the “Oboronservis” was reorganized and renamed JSC “Garrison”. The sum of all of the assets of JSC “Garrison”, according to the statements of the company for 2014 amounted to 404,1 billion rubles.

Group of companies “pioneer” was founded in 2001. By Leonid Maksimov and Andrey Sternum, their shares are not disclosed. The company builds residential and commercial properties in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company’s revenue in 2014 amounted to 18.5 billion rubles., net profit — 859.2 million rubles