General Motors and the service Lyft will begin to test unmanned taxi

General Motors and American service Lyft, allows you to find the drivers via the website and mobile applications during the year will start testing on the roads of unmanned taxis, the Chevrolet Bolt, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Details of testing is still being developed, but we know that it will be carried out on clients in the city to be named later. Consumers calling a taxi through the app, will be able to choose a taxi with or without driver.

GM is going to make Lyft their key client of electric vehicles Bolt. Currently, GM has partnered with Lyft, providing needy drivers in Chicago rental cars Chevy Equinox. In the future the cooperation between the companies is planned to expand to other cities, including the use of unmanned electric vehicles Bolt.

The newspaper notes that the idea of using unmanned vehicles in Lyft aimed at preserving competition from Google and Uber. So, Google and Fiat Chrysler are working on a program for unmanned driving, it already has been tested in California and other us States, the newspaper said. The Uber has its own center to work with unmanned vehicles in Pittsburgh. The service intends to introduce in its fleet of unmanned vehicles by 2020.