Railways for the first time published a Declaration of income of the head

The income of the President of JSC “Russian Railways” (RZD) Oleg Belozerov for 2015 made 86.2 million rubles, follows from the Declaration, published on the website of the company. Almost half of this amount were revenues from the sale of apartments in St. Petersburg and a plot of land and a house in the Leningrad region, explained in a press release Railways. In the amount of annual income of top managers has also included the income on main job, including working in the Ministry of transport, and income from Bank deposits.

Real estate, according to the Declaration, Belozerova now there is, as vehicles. The head of Russian Railways pointed out in the Declaration only in use for an apartment in Moscow with an area of 193 sq. m.

Spouse Belozerova for the year 2015 declared the income in the amount of 19.4 mln RUB. Is income at the main place of work, Bank deposits and securities and from the sale of the Lexus RX350, according to a press release of the Russian Railways. In the ownership of the spouse of the head of Russian Railways, the Moscow apartment is with an area of 193 sq. m, mashino-a place with an area of 14.4 sq. m and car M-21, 1963 issue, GAS-21, 1960 issue and the Land Rover Range Rover 2015 release.

The couple have a teenage daughter, but she is in 2015, not received income and does not have any property ownership, noted in the Railways.

Oleg Belozerov was the President of the Russian Railways in August 2015. Prior to that, he worked for several years in the Ministry of transport, who left the post of first Deputy Minister of transport. In December in interview “RIA Novosti” Belozerov has declared its readiness to disclose their income. “I have a duty to notify the employer on their income. I’m ready to publish them and did as Deputy Minister of transport,” he said.

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Predecessor Belozerov Vladimir Yakunin, head of RZD in 2005 — have repeatedly criticized the government’s requirement to publish the declarations by the heads of state-owned companies, calling it “unlawful interference” with privacy. In February 2015, Yakunin did not rule out that he will retire from the civil service to the private sector due to the requirement of the government to publish the Declaration. But in may, the Bank of Moscow has decided to reveal his salary. He told Forbes he earns from 4 million to 5.5 million rubles per month.

“Why all this care? I’m a married man, let the cares of my wife. But it is also not care. I anyone for the act this report shall not”, — said Yakunin. He also said that he decided to disclose his salary in order to “all these pseudoplasticity” not “stirred up brains” of his “comrades”.

In November, Forbes published a ranking of the most expensive top-managers of Russia, which evaluated the remuneration Yakunin, in 2014, $11 million the ex-the head of Russian Railways did not agree with this assessment. “Do not read after lunch American magazines” — he said , commenting on the rating. The official representative Yakunin said that the total remuneration Yakunin as head of Russian Railways for 2014 was $ 93,517 million rubles (approximately $2.4 million).