Russia topped the ranking in The Economist’s “crony capitalism”

According to the rating of The Economist Russia ranks first in the world for “crony capitalism”, after it in the history list are Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Ukraine.

The Economist is using data from the list of billionaires Forbes magazine about the States and the sources of income of the richest people in the world. Each of them, log calls or not calls the “godfather” depending on the source of income. Potentially exposed “crony capitalism,” The Economist calls the industry, working closely with government agencies, among them gambling, oil and gas and defense sector, banking, real estate, infrastructure projects, ports and airports. The magazine determines what portion of income received by the billionaires from these sectors. After that, the billionaires are grouped by countries, and their combined income represented as a percentage of GDP.

For Russia, this figure, according to The Economist, is 18%. In the second place in the ranking of Malaysia the total income of the billionaires-“Kum” is 13% of GDP in the Philippines -11,2%, in Singapore — by 10.6%, Ukraine 6.7 per cent.

The ten countries with the most widespread “crony capitalism” also includes Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, India and Taiwan. China is on the 11th line of the rating, USA — 16, France — 18. Last, 22nd place in the rating, is Germany.

As noted by The Economist, over the period from 2004 to 2014, the combined wealth of the billionaires who earn a “crony” industries increased by 385% to $2 trillion.