Russian pharmacies have started to withdraw “Sealeks and Alikaps”

The CPS began to withdraw from pharmacies biologically active additives (BAA) “Sealeks Forte and Alikaps”, designed to strengthen male potency. About this newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the Department.

As explained in the CPS, the decision on the withdrawal from circulation of these SUPPLEMENTS is due to the fact that at the end of April the Committee on consumer protection Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan have withdrawn their state registration. On the basis of this document they are addressed in the Eurasian economic Union, the newspaper said.

Prior to this sale were counterfeit batches of “Celexa” and “Alikaps”, in which it was discovered the substance tadalafil is not declared at registration. In Russia it is considered a prescription and is not intended for free sale, the newspaper writes.

In the CPS, published on 6 may on the Agency’s website, said that earlier information about the presence in circulation in the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union of some parties rigged BAD been received from the competent authorities of Belarus, of Armenia, as well as the main investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow.

Manufacturer Sealeks Forte” and “Alikaps” RIA “Panda” refers to the situation around their products a competitive continuation of the war. The President of the company Dmitry Dergachev noticed “Kommersant” that immediately after the revocation of the registration of the BAD leadership of the Committee on consumer protection, resigned. The listed Kazakhstan specialists numbers of the registration certificates of products will never be produced, he said.

Operational review in the Committee on consumer protection of the edition could not be obtained.

Citing data from the DSM Group, the newspaper writes that “Sealeks and Alikaps” are in the top 10 at BAA pharmacy sales in Russia.