Russia said about the Turkish origin of explosives the Islamists in Iraq

According to the result of analysis of the chemical components of explosive mixtures seized from Islamists in the center of the Iraqi city of Tikrit, they have been released in Turkey or delivered to the country without the right of re-export. About TASS reported, citing Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin, who spoke at a meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Iraq.

According to him, Russia is of particular concern reports about the militants use curb toxic substances ammunition. The Ambassador noted that the recent report of the UN Secretary General for Iraq not indicating “whether there was any investigation of these incidents”.

“Chemical warfare agents increasingly spread across the region and are used by terrorists, and some member States are trying hard not to notice and coasting all the blame on the Assad regime”. Incidentally, the analysis of the main chemical components of explosive mixtures, retaken from the Islamists near the city of Tikrit, followed by identification of the manufacturers and the study of the conditions of sale in other countries shows that they were either produced in Turkey or put in this country without the right of re-export,” — said Churkin.

In this context, the diplomat noted, takes on the Russian initiative on the elaboration of an international Convention to combat chemical terrorism. This, he added, concerns proposed by Russia and China of a draft UN security Council resolution aimed at preventing the production and use of toxic substances by non-state actors.

Churkin also accused Turkey of regular violation of Iraqi sovereignty. According to him, Turkey does airstrikes, which “can lead to marked in the report of the [UN] civilian casualties”. “Under the pretext of combating terrorism remains strengthened presence of the ground Turkey in a military camp BA’shiqah. Protests from Baghdad when it simply ignored”, — he said.