Trump after the election, will appear before the court in the case of Trump University

The billionaire and the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump will give evidence in court on the class action suit, according to which he and his had stopped working in Trump University (trump University”) are accused of cheating people, reports Associated Press with reference to the lawyer of billionaire Daniel Petrocelli.

The lawsuit was filed by students of Trump University. According to them, the University gave “promises to teach the secrets of success in real estate”, which have not been implemented. Claims, in particular, lies in the fact that the University “have led students to buy more”, but the workshops and lessons, payment for which amounted to $35 thousand, had promised values and were similar to the “infomercials” (advertising that is served in the form of information).

Institution, alleged in the lawsuit, promised that “advanced” students will be able to after training “tens of thousands of dollars” monthly. However, it turned out to be “fiction” many of the plaintiffs, by contrast, remained with debts.

According to the lawyer, trump will appear before the court as a defense witness. The meeting, scheduled for November 28, is a billionaire could face trial as President, notes the AP.

Trump himself says he cannot be personally responsible to plaintiffs because it was not involved in the daily operations of the University, though, and picked instructors. He also disagreed with statements about the uselessness of education, writes the Los Angeles Times. According to trump, the surveys showed that 98% of students were satisfied with the services of the University. However, the lawsuit States that the customers were asked to evaluate services when training allegedly have not yet been completed, and the surveys were not anonymous.

Trump is currently the only candidate in US presidents from Republican party. His last opponent — John Kasich — announced its withdrawal from the presidential race on the night of 5 may.