Chichvarkin has criticized the election of Sadiq Khan for mayor of London

Living in London a Russian businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin has criticized the election of Sadiq Khan, the candidate of the labour party, the mayor of the British capital. Your opinion Chichvarkin expressed on his page in Facebook.

The businessman stressed that the Khan’s election as mayor bad not because he is a Muslim, but because he is a socialist. In particular, in his post Chichvarkin has criticized the initiatives of the elected mayor, concerning restrictions on real estate investments from abroad, the freezing of tariffs for transportation, intentions to make walking Oxford street and other initiatives.

“Like all socialists, he doesn’t understand business, doesn’t believe in private initiative, and his buddy Corbin [the leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn] in General, legitimize an even greater robbery of all successful people in this country, let him. Social populism in favor of the rogue and nesposobna. I hope his “initiatives” will Boris [London mayor Boris] Johnson to become Prime Minister, the British are able to analyze, unlike us,” wrote Chichvarkin.

Before Khan won a victory on elections of the mayor of London, defeating his rival from the Conservative party, Zac goldsmith, son of billionaire James goldsmith.

Khan’s predecessor and Conservative party member Boris Johnson was mayor of London for the last eight years.