Kim Jong-UN pledged to adhere to nonproliferation of nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said that his country would not use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is not threatened and vowed that Pyongyang will comply with the obligations of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Such a statement the North Korean leader made at the seventh Congress of the workers ‘ party of Korea (WPK), reports Reuters with reference to the state Agency of North Korea KCNA.

“As a responsible nuclear power, our country will not use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is not invaded any aggressive hostile forces with nuclear weapons,” KCNA quoted Kim Jong-UN (hereafter quoted by Reuters).

The DPRK leader stressed that Pyongyang “will clearly fulfill its commitment to non-proliferation [of nuclear weapons] and to fight for global nuclear disarmament”.

Kim Jong UN also noted that the country is willing to normalize relations with countries which were previously hostile” to Pyongyang. “The WPK and the DPRK government will improve and normalizepath relations with those countries which respect the DPRK’s sovereignty and are friendly to her, despite the fact that they were hostile to us in the past,” said the leader of the country.