Trump has announced plans to increase taxes on the wealthy in winning the election

Billionaire Donald trump, who was the only Republican candidate in the presidential race, in case of his election, intends to raise taxes for the rich. He stated this in an interview with NBC.

“I’m going to seriously compete for business, and for the rich, I think [taxes] should be higher”, — said trump, noting that “the middle class must be protected.” “The rich will probably end up paying more,” he said.

Earlier, according to Reuters, trump advocated a tax cut for all Americans.

Trump also noted that he supports the increase in the minimum wage, which is currently set at $ 7.25 per hour. He admitted that he did not understand how “people manage to live on such money.”

In late March, dozens of millionaires from new York state wrote to Governor Andrew Cuomo and other legislators a letter in which he called to consider the question of raising taxes for wealthy state residents. The appeal noted that the additional income that the government could obtain from these revenue, would help solve the problems of child poverty and homelessness, as well as the issue of restoration of old infrastructure.

Their signatures under the letter have put, in particular, managing partner of InterMedia Partners Leo Hindery, filmmaker Abigail Disney, and a descendant of John D. Rockefeller Steven Clark Rockefeller.

Currently, the new Yorkers earning more than $1.06 million a year, pay of 8.82% of the taxes.