Investigative journalists presented the list of offshore companies of two thousand Russians

On the website databases of offshore companies collected by the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), contains information about 2229 Russians associated with offshore companies. These people are called “employees” and “home-clients”.

The representative of the Center for public integrity (an American non-profit organization, which works ICIJ) confirmed that at the moment the archive on the website contains materials for 100 thousand offshore companies registered in the British virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, cook Islands and Singapore. These documents are in open access since 2013, the source said .

On the website at 21:00 GMT will open access to an extended database that includes information about more than 200 thousand offshore obtained access to internal documentation Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Based on the data leaks from Mossack Fonseca, April 3, ICIJ and the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) published an investigation about the offshore world leaders, politicians and celebrities in Panama and the British virgin Islands. In it it was about 12 current and former world leaders, politicians 128, 29 billionaires on the Forbes list, as well as 13 Russian officials and deputies.

After the publication of the investigation, the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur gunnlaugsson and the Minister of industry, industry and tourism of Spain, josé Manuel Soria, accused of having links with offshore companies.

In addition, the investigation was referred to the cellist Sergei Roldugin, is a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The authors of the study argued that the accounts of offshore companies that he allegedly was involved in, was $2 billion.

In the Kremlin the publication “the Panama archive” called information spreading, as well as attack personally on Putin. The Russian President himself in the direct line confirmed that information about the offshore reliable. “Because they specifically do not blame anyone, they just bring the shadow of the fence: someone out there among my friends engaged in some business, the question is not whether the money from these offshore companies of some officials, including the President,” the President said.

Putin recalled that Roldugin, doing business, bought two unique violin and two cellos, the cost of which, according to the President, amounted to $12 million. According to him, Roldugin “there is nothing, he even owed to those agencies and foundations, through which he bought.