Turkish media reported about the tanks on the Bosphorus past the Russian ship

Turkish newspaper Hurriet reported that on Board of one of the Russian warships passed through the Bosphorus from the Black sea to the Marmara, there were two camouflaged tank.

As notes the edition, the Russian ship KIL-158 passed through the Bosporus in the direction of the sea of Marmara at 8:30 local time (9:30 GMT) on Sunday.

During the vessel’s passage through the Strait, he was accompanied by ships of the Turkish Maritime police and a police helicopter.

The regime of passage of ships through the Straits governed by the Montreux Convention of 1936, which was signed including the representatives of Turkey and the Soviet Union. According to article 2 of the document the merchant ships can freely pass through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles “day and night, regardless of flag or cargo”.

In respect of ships of war in time of peace Turkey, according to the document, is also required to pass ships of small and middle classes of all countries. In case Turkey is in war or under the threat of military danger,” the question of the approval of warships in the Straits is at the discretion of Ankara.