France will prepare for the possible prohibition of the supply of shale gas from USA

The Ministry of energy of France will examine the possible legal grounds for banning imports of liquefied natural gas from the United States, as nearly half of the first deliveries amounted to shale gas. This was stated by the Minister of economy and energy of France, Segolene Royal, according to Reuters.

This decision is connected with the prohibition in France of shale companies used the method of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Speaking before the French Parliament, the Royal said that the contracts signed by French gas distribution company Engie and energy company EDF with manufacturers from the USA, led to the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which contained about 40% of shale gas.

“I asked the company why they had failed to be vigilant and asked to find the legal basis for banning imports of shale gas,” — said Royal.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg pointed out that the total reserves of shale gas in Europe are significant and reach about 80% of the volume explored in the United States. However, the majority of European countries and completely banned hydraulic fracturing method, or introduced a moratorium on it until it becomes clearer consequences for the environment.

In France, which has the largest reserves of shale gas in Europe, the ban will be in effect at least until presidential elections in 2017. Spain, although it has extended the licenses to develop, but has not issued environmental permits, and in some regions of the country banned fracking for fear of contaminating underground waters.

As Bloomberg wrote, in Europe the slate continue to engage small producers, mainly in Poland and the UK. In the UK, although the method of hydraulic fracturing and has the support of the government of David Cameron, local residents actively oppose him, because they are afraid of environmental pollution. They also believe that fracking can cause earthquakes. In the result, the country has only about ten wells.