In the US, Facebook was accused of political bias

Social network Facebook has come under a barrage of criticism after reports that she allegedly carefully filters out information conservative media in favor of liberal, writes The New York Times. In the US, “liberal” publication called the left side of the political spectrum, supporters, for the most part, the Democratic party in contrast to traditional supporters of capitalism of the Republicans.

Monday, may 9, Gizmodo, citing former employees of Facebook, who oversaw news, reported that the administration of the social network regularly restricts the dissemination of news of interest to conservative readers. At the same time, the news in favor of the liberal camp moved artificially, even if they were not sufficiently popular, interlocutors Gizmodo.

“Was extremely worrying information that such a force is used to suppress a point of view and the materials do not meet someone’s agenda,” said the National Committee of the Republican party. Chief editor of the news publication Breitbart News, Alexander Marlowe told The New York Times that the information Gizmodo “confirms long-held suspicions of the conservatives”.

“Apart from assisting in the prosecution of right, it is a key reminder of the dangers of control over the content emanating from Silicon valley,” reacted former journalist of the British newspaper The Guardian Glenn Greenwald. About the danger of manipulation of information through social networks announced several editions.

In turn the press-Secretary of Facebook said that the social network follows the strict guidelines “to ensure consistency and neutrality” and takes into account all points of view. “We take allegations of bias very seriously,” — said in a statement. “Facebook is a platform for people and views of all areas of the political spectrum”, — emphasized in the company.

According to the NYT, Facebook has 222 million monthly active users in the United States and Canada. The survey, conducted in 2015, the Pew Research Center and Knight Foundation, 63% of Facebook users consider the service as a news source.