SpaceX second time in a row landed the Falcon on the sea level platform

Space X announced that it successfully landed on the ocean platform the first stage of the rocket Falcon 9, which on Friday was launched from Cape Canaveral to orbit a Japanese communications satellite. This is the second successful attempt of the company Elon musk in a row — April 8, Space X for the first time managed successfully to land the stage on a platform in the ocean.

“Touchdown confirmed. The second stage continues to carry the satellite JCSAT-14 into geosynchronous orbit transition”, — is spoken in the message published on the official page in Twitter. The stage was planted on the unmanned platform called “Of course I still love you” (“of Course, I still love you”).

Even before the launch of Space X said that this time to land the Falcon 9 will be quite difficult. This was related to the height of the orbit, which was necessary to bring a companion.

SpaceX launched into orbit Japanese companion Video: Channel

A successful landing of the rocket said the head of the company Elon Musk. “You may have to increase the size of the storage for the missiles,” — he wrote on Twitter. SpaceX in hopes that the re-use of reusable steps the cost of space launches will be significantly reduced.

Until the successful launch on 8 April, Space X made two unsuccessful attempts to land the return stage of the rocket Falcon 9 on a floating platform. In January she broke one of the pillars. On March 4, when the landing stage of the rocket was destroyed. For the first time to land reusable first stage on land, Space X was able in late December of last year.