The cost of the parade on red square has reached almost 300 million rubles.

The total amount of tenders by may 9 for celebrations in red square in honor of Victory Day, made 295,7 million rubles, according to data on the procurement website.

Thus, the cost of the Victory Day celebration for the may holidays has increased by more than RUB 85 million as At 30 April, the total amount of tenders that have been published on the website of public procurement, amounted to 210 million rubles. However, in the may holidays on the procurement website, there were other tenders which have increased the costs for may 9 to 295,7 million rubles.

However, even this amount is three times less than similar spending in the past year. In the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Ministry was spent on the organization of the military parade and concert 810 million rubles.

The most expensive item on the organisation of celebrations on 9 may this year was transporting soldiers who participated in the parade. The original value of the contract announced by the defense Ministry, is space of 158.7 million rubles. While the final price of execution of the work until natively. The winner of the tender was the company “Financial house”.

Another major item of expenditure was the dispersal of the clouds may 9. The cost of these works amounted to 86 million rubles, follows from the contract on the procurement website. The contract for Meteosat city” CCU “Exportator” under the jurisdiction of the Department of housing, concluded March 22.

May 9 parade on red square was attended by 10 thousand troops, 135 units of ground equipment, as well as 71 aircraft. The audience, in particular, demonstrated the newest transport aircraft Il-76MD 90A and anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph”.

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