In Warsaw have found a way to avoid incidents between the military of NATO and Russia

Poland believes that the risks associated with the recent increase in conflict situations in the sky and the sea between the military of NATO and Russia are quite high and suggested developing mechanisms to prevent them, the main role which will play the OSCE. About this “Kommersant” said the permanent representative of Poland to the international organizations in Vienna Adam Bugaysky.

“The potential risks associated with such incidents, always great. At least, their result is to increase political tensions between States involved. Such incidents can easily become sources of unnecessary confrontation,” — said the diplomat.

He said that in Warsaw considered it necessary to strengthen the OSCE’s role in resolving and preventing such konfliktnykh situations. In particular, the Polish side believes that “the formation, if necessary, of special mission of OSCE” to investigate the circumstances of certain episodes, as well as “the adoption by member countries of OSCE of the obligation to avoid any action that could lead to dangerous military incidents.”

According to Bugaysky, in 2016 there comes a time for a scheduled revision signed in 2011 Vienna document on confidence-building measures and security. “We have now entered the period of intensive consultations,” said Adam Bugaysky, expressing hope that the final decisions before the end of the year. According to him, the authors of the initiative were seven countries called the Baltic republics and other States in the West.”

However, Poland, in his words, “co-author of a number of other proposals aimed at modernizing the Vienna document, in particular concerning the size of the inspection team of the OSCE and lowering thresholds for prior notification of major military activities”.