The Russian Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Latvia after the statements in the media

The Ambassador of Russia in Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov called into the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia to objasneni, according to the Latvian newspaper Delfi with reference to the press-Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Raimonds Jansons. The Ambassador should arrive at the Embassy on Thursday, may 12.

As explained Jansons Agency TASS, the Russian Ambassador challenge is associated with the statements of the diplomat on a wide range of question. “I can’t go into all the details, but this call is associated with the statements of the Ambassador on a wide range of issues, including in an interview,” — said the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Latvia.

He noted that “on all questions, which expressed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, there is a certain emotional load”. “However, no positive nuances in the attitude of Latvia to Russia, he [Veshnyakov] can not find”, — said Jansons.

Earlier in interview to the newspaper “to Conduct today”, which was published on 11 may, Veshnyakov said that now “there is a deliberate demonization of Russia”, and “not only from Latvia but also from a number of other countries of the Western world”. According to the Ambassador, the aim of this “demonization” is “the weakening of Russia”. “For this, apparently, any means necessary, including outright propaganda. The examples are not far to seek: it is a recent film of Bi-bi-si and the film is already made in Latvia “master plan”, — said Veshnyakov.

He also noted that the interstate relations and hinder attempts to falsify the history, and the work of the Commission, which counts the damage from the Soviet occupation.

That “Soviet occupation” Latvia caused damage of approximately €185 billion, said on 18 April, the representative is specially designed to calculate these figures fee Ruta Pazdera. Thus, according to her estimates, the demographic losses of the country and damage to the environment amount to a few tens of billions of euros. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova then announced on his Facebook “contest for the best comment to news about the calculation of damages of Latvia from the USSR.