“United Russia” uses the initials of Putin for propaganda in the elections

A thousand banners

“United Russia” begins the first stage of visual propaganda campaign ahead of the elections of the state Duma, it will be held during the second half of may and in June, told two of the interlocutor in the regional offices of the party and was confirmed by a source close to the leadership of United Russia. According to sources , the first phase of the campaign will be dedicated to the participants of the party primaries (which selects candidates to state Duma deputies from United Russia), which is scheduled for may 22.

The Central Executive Committee of “United Russia” are already sent to the regional office layouts banners that should appear on the street, says one of the interlocutors . Across the country there will be about a thousand. Each region will need to put 5-10 shields. The exception is Moscow, says a source close to the leadership of the capital of United Russia. There will be more than a hundred shields. Not resolved the question of when and in what quantities will appear on the banners in St. Petersburg, said the source close to the leadership of the local branch. Secretary of the United Russia St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov did not answer the question .

The first banner is already hanging in several regions, for example, in Buryatia Republic and Ingushetia, says United Russia. In the coming days they will appear in Moscow. Closer to may 22, and the banners will be in all regions and will hang back in June, until the start of official campaigning and the party does not hang new posters, knows United Russia.

The help of the GDP

Banners throughout the country is almost the same. They show the square pictures of all the candidates, vastavuses in the region in the primaries. In Moscow, banners are prepared for particular districts, you will see all the candidates in each district. This demonstrates how the equal opportunities of all applicants, emphasizes the interlocutor in the party. “It is a moral support and a tribute to every candidate, regardless of won or not,” — said United Russia.

Under the images of the candidates reported the date of the primaries, and on the right is a symbol of “United Russia”, and also written in a column slogan: “it is Important to Choose the Right thing.” Words form the initials of President Vladimir Putin, is made specifically the party wants to be associated with the head of state, says United Russia.

“It is our moral leader. Without it we really can’t,” says a source close to the leadership of the ruling party.

In the last election, United Russia officially received from Putin the permission to use his image, although he also did not appear in its election list. Then Putin and the leader of the party Dmitry Medvedev together was depicted on banners.

Adopted this year the amendments to the election law prohibit the use of the image of the person who is not a candidate in deputies of the state Duma. So, United Russia, voted for this law, have deprived themselves of the opportunity to use a photo of Putin. “But anyway the President’s support of “United Russia” is needed, therefore, is invented this format, which does not violate the law,” says a source close to the party leadership.

Lately Putin has repeatedly shown a special attitude towards the “United Russia”. During the annual “Direct line” he called the party a stabilizing element of the political system, and later went to the headquarters of United Russia, to mingle with the candidates in the primaries. The President plans to come to the pre-election Congress of “United Russia” at the end of June, said informed sources close to the Kremlin.

Price campaign

To pay for the placement of banners will be the regional branch of the party, says one of the local United Russia. Rent a room for a month under the banner in the size three on six in Moscow will cost about 100 thousand rubles, in other regions it’s cheaper — from 10 thousand rubles to 30 thousand rubles, says the General Director “ESPAR-the Analyst” Andrey Berezkin.

But the party will be able to save him, said the source close to the leadership of the party. “If you buy a place centrally from Moscow, you get expensive. But do the regions themselves, and will use pre-reserved seats, they are cheaper,” says a source close to the party leadership. He also emphasizes that the party and saves that accommodates only about a thousand posters, although on the 2012 presidential election there were about three thousand.

Now in the party I think will look like advertising banners of “United Russia” in the next stages, when there will be an official launch of the campaign, and need to advertise longer primaries, and the party itself. Different options are discussed slogans on focus groups, says a source close to their organizers. It is possible that there will again attempt to make a bundle with the President, he says. “Slogans in the sense of almost should not differ from each other throughout the campaign,” insists the source.

“United Russia has its own election-but the party has concerns related to the downgrade. Therefore, there is think about how you can legitimate ways to use the authority of the President”, — said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev.

Other parties also start the campaign. Across the country hang the shields with symbols of the liberal democratic party, about three thousand of them, said the source close to the leadership of the party. Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev said that only in Moscow region, about 80-90 hanging banners, so that the estimate of a few thousand just. At “Fair Russia” also hanging banners in most major regions, said the Deputy of the state Duma from the just Russia Alexander Burkov.