Car sales in Russia fell in April to a minimum of ten years

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV) in April 2016 has decreased in annual terms by 11.2 thousand vehicles, or 8.5%, according to the Association of European businesses (AEB). The decline in sales slowed to the lowest since December 2014 level, but the April sales were the worst in the last decade.

In General, during the first four months of 2016, were sold in Russia 440,5 thousand cars that more than 75,5 thousand less than in the same period of the previous year.

“The absolute sales volumes fell to very low levels in ten years, what equally concerns both March and April, and the cumulative effect of the first four months of the year”, — said the Chairman of automobile manufacturers Committee of the AEB Joerg Schreiber, explaining that the Russian car market continues trying to “find the bottom”.

Earlier, the AEB predicted that in 2016 in Russia will be sold about 1.53 million vehicles, against 1.6 million units in 2015. Thus, a possible drop in sales was estimated at about 4% against 35.7% in 2015, but for the first four months fell by more than 14.6%. In recent times fewer cars than planned in 2016, the Russian market was sold in the crisis year of 2009, compared with 1.47 million).

In the Russian Association of automobile dealers (ROAD) expect a further deterioration of the situation. “The slowdown is a result of a low base last year. The demand for cars continues to fall. If in April we sold 121 thousand cars, in the second half of the year the best will be the result of 100-110 thousand cars a month. People continue to fall, real income, reasons for the growth of sales of cars yet”, — said the head of the ROAD Vladimir Merenkov.

In early may 2016, the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov predicted the restoration of the Russian car market in 2017. “We expect that this year will be a turning point in terms of preparation of our economy to further growth, we believe that next year will be a gradual recovery of the automotive market. And of course, we expect a gradual increase in the production of our automotive industry,” — said the Minister.

A leader in the Russian market in April 2016 left AVTOVAZ, sales of cars under the brand Lada, according to the estimates of the AEB, year on year increased by 8% to 24,648 thousand 22,859 thousand But took second and third places Huindai and KIA sales have reduced by 11% and 13%, respectively.

To increase sales could also Toyota (+15%, from 6.99 million to 8 million), Skoda (+9% to 4936), UAZ (+2% to 4029), Ford (+39% to 3876) and some of the other brands. In relative terms, the best result was shown by Alfa Romeo sales increased seven times, however, such a “record” is due to the low base: in April of last year in Russia has sold two cars of Alfa Romeo, in April 2016 — 14.

The main outsiders of the month have become such brands as SsangYong (-86%), Honda (-82%), Datsun (-68%) and Mitshubishi (-59%).

Lada Granta by the end of April 2016 has regained the status of a major bestseller of the Russian market, although the sale of the vehicle on an annual basis, fell by over 4.5% to 9888 machines). However, the loss of Hyundai Solaris and KIA Rio, head of a month earlier, the ranking of best sellers were stronger (-8,86% -12,44%, respectively).

In fourth place was fixed, the novelty of AVTOVAZ Lada Vesta — in the past month were sold in Russia 4821 of these machines.