Forbes named the most expensive brands of the world

The American company Apple has maintained the lead in the annual ranking of most valuable brands according to us magazine Forbes. According to the edition, the brand value of Apple is $154,1 billion, which is 87% above the value of the brand Google, which took second place in the list. Apple tops the Forbes ranking of brands, prepared in 2010, for the sixth time in a row.

“Brand is evaluated as perceived by consumers. The willingness of customers to pay a higher price or the probability that it will buy its product, is what makes it valuable from the point of view of the company,” says David Reibstein, Professor of marketing and expert on branding the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Brand Apple “hits the bull’s eye in both cases”, writes Forbes. Despite the fact that the iPhone is not so very different from the latest gadgets Samsung, Apple assigns to them a premium price, and they make up almost half of all smartphones sold in the United States and their worldwide sales over the Christmas holiday amounted to 75 million units, says the publication.

Apple dominates among the users of the gadgets, which is important for the brand, adds Forbes. In the second quarter of fiscal 2016 the company’s revenues fell, but that the release of the iPhone 7 will bring long queues in shops, publishing no doubt. Such “admiration” in front of the brand has enabled Apple to generate in 2015 to $53 billion in net profit, concludes Forbes.

Second place in a new ranking of most valuable brands Forbes took Google. The value of the brand, according to the publication, for the year increased from $65.6 billion to $82.5 billion This allowed Google to rise by one ranking place, swapped places with Microsoft, although the latest assessment of the brand over the past year also increased from $69,3 billion to $75.2 billion

Coca-Cola retained its fourth place ranking. According to Forbes, its brand has risen from $56 billion to $58,5 billion Fifth place in a new ranking, displacing IBM, took to the company Facebook, the value of the brand which, according to Forbes, is $52.6 billion In the top ten list includes the brands Toyota, IBM, Disney, McDonald’s and GE.