In the state Duma proposed to award Kadyrov for the development of parliamentarism

Reward survey

The state Duma Committee on nationalities on Thursday initiated the awarding of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, state Duma of the honorary badge “For merits in development of parliamentarism” for special contribution to the development of the legislation of the Russian Federation and parliamentarism. This was told first Deputy Chairman of the Committee Mikhail Starshinov.

The idea belongs to the Chairman of the Committee Hajimete Safaralieva (the Deputy from Dagestan), says the elders. “Ramzan Kadyrov is by and large an outstanding statesman. I am the representative of the party “United Russia” in the southern and North Caucasus Federal district. Many questions that we decided, we decided together with him. There is an opinion saying “Oh, Kadyrov, Kadyrov is”. He is a man who aches for Russia. He deserves a sign, and our Committee came to the conclusion that he needs to assign our sign,” said Safaraliev his motivation.

According to Starshinov, on Thursday, the members of the Committee a survey sheet will give their opinion on awarding Kadyrov. The idea will be supported, he said. Six of the eight Committee members — the United Russia party. The decision will be taken by the Council of the Duma, explained the procedure to the elders.

Committee member, Communist Valery Rashkin spoke against awarding Kadyrov. “As a parliamentarian I do not see his contribution. I see only the development of the authoritarian regime in Chechnya. And the parliamentary system of democracy,” he said . Another member of the Communist party in the Committee, Tamara Pletneva, reported that have not yet heard about this idea Safaraliev and can not tell you how to vote. “But in General, I support Kadyrov. We have people like power, and if we razmoznya, then nothing happens,” — said the Communist.

The most worthy

Kadyrov often collaborates with the state Duma on various issues. Last year he asked the Parliament to pass a law which would not give the court to recognize the extremist sacred texts. Later this law was initiated by the President and passed by the Parliament. State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov, Kadyrov was named as his successor. In January, after the scandals about the statements Kadyrov against the opposition parliamentarians staged a flash mob in support of the head of Chechnya. On Wednesday, Kadyrov invited the deputies and officials to relax in Chechnya.

The head of Chechnya already has the Hero of Russia award, the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree, the Medal of Honor and many other awards.

Honorary badge of the state Duma for the development of parliamentarianism was established in 2005 and is a cross in the colors of the tricolor with a double-headed eagle. Most often it is awarded to current members. In October last year, a sign of honor awarded to the party leader “homeland”, Deputy Alexander Zhuravlev, in 2014, it received the former Vice-mayor and now state Duma Deputy Vladimir resin. At various times, the mark was also a former foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, President RSPP Alexander Shokhin.

The current heads of the regions rarely receive this mark. In 2010, the speaker of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov has presented this award to the Tula region Governor Aman Tuleyev. The remaining governors received a similar award from the Federation Council. For example, in 2005 the sign of the Federation Council was awarded the Governor of Murmansk area Yury Evdokimov, in 2011 the award was received by the Governor of the Altai territory Alexander Karlin, in 2014 — Vladimir Gruzdev, Tula who was then Governor, and acting Governor of the Nenets Autonomous district Igor Koshin.