Officials connected to the mobilization of citizens in the primaries “United Russia”

Opponents of United Russia in the regions told about how to participate in preliminary intra-party voting (primaries) of the “United Russia” of state employees and managers are attracted not only by party staff, and municipal officials.

To dismiss retroactively

On Wednesday eks-the Deputy of the state Duma, the former head of city settlement Tuchkovo, a member “Fair Russia” Victor Alksnis has been sent to the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova complaint to actions of Moscow region officials on the organization of the primaries.

The head of the Department of economic development and agriculture of the administration of the Volokolamsk municipal district of Moscow region Paul Small sent on 11 may to heads of the enterprises of district letters (have), in which the team invites them to take part in the primaries on may 22. In addition, he previously asked to form the lists of voters from enterprises, they should be sent to the specified email address.

A letter to the Small Alksnis passed the head of one of the enterprises in the district, wrote in his complaint ex-the Deputy Pamfilova. In his opinion, the document violates the electoral rights of citizens. “By providing in advance the voter lists from the company, his supervisor takes responsibility in front of the official that all these people will come in primaries,” said Alksnis . He intends to be elected from the “just Russia” in the lower house of Parliament in elections in September, told the interlocutors in the party.

“United Russia” has already responded to the incident, said Small : the head of the Volokolamsk district Eugene Gavrilov, who is also Secretary of the local branch of the party, was fired “yesterday’s number” the Deputy head of the district administration on economic issues Andrei Tiunova, which gave “incorrect” order Small. According to the order Gavrilova (have), Tiunov resigned may 11.

The Governor of Moscow region have told the leaders of the areas that organizations primaries were intra-party matter, and the officials should not do this, says a source in the regional government. According to him, the real expectations of the turnout in the primaries 22 may be from 5% to 12%, in a larger number the party leadership is not interested.

Information not propaganda

In Yaroslavl, the report to the state information about the primary were engaged by the city hall officials. Zammera on social policy Elena Volkova has notified the heads of schools and kindergartens about carrying out may 22 in the primaries “United Russia”. This was at a meeting of the municipality of Yaroslavl has told the Communist Valery baylo and SR Anatoly Kashirin. According to them, may 6, heads of educational institutions was called into a meeting at the Department of education and instructed them to lead their employees to a preliminary vote. The deputies considered this interference in the voting process and forced turnout and the Yaroslavl branch of the Communist party asked the Prosecutor.

Volkova not only, but also all the Deputy mayors “hold meetings” in their lines of work prior to the primaries, said the head of information relations Lyudmila Antonova. But the acting mayor of Yaroslavl Alexey Malyutin any commands to lead the state in the primaries were not given and no meeting in the Department of education on may 6 was not, she said.

“Now it is obvious that preparations for the primaries of “United Russia” becomes scandalous and in other regions”, — said the head of branch “Fair Russia” in the Moscow region, Vice-speaker of the Duma, Alexander Romanovich. In Chelyabinsk, for example, was published the audio recording of the meeting at which officials think about how to provide voting for the “right” candidates,” he says.

Not only the party

The participation of regional officials in the organization of the primaries — is primarily a violation of Federal law on municipal service, employees are prohibited to use their official position in interests of political parties and to create in the municipal bodies of political parties, explains the co-Chairman of movement “the Voice” Grigory Melkonyants. “Judging by the letter sent out Small, it performs a coordination function, using the resources management, so as to send lists of state employees are invited to the official mail,” said Melkonyants. This is a serious violation, which belongs rather to the competence of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

“If the party is satisfied with the tricks in the primaries for its own account and for the account of party members, it is a right. But if you are involved civil servants and state resources, both financial and organizational, they climb into someone else’s pocket,” — said CEC member Nikolay Levichev. His colleague, the CEC member Vasily Likhachev believes forcing the public sector to the primaries of “United Russia” exclusively internal party matter, not within the competence of the CEC.

Previously it was known that letters from the appeals to come in the primaries sent the Communist party officials. Sources in “an United Russia” has told that heads of local branches of the party had received from his superiors the order to ensure on the day of the party primaries (may 22) attendance of not less than 10% of the total number of Russian voters.

In April Alksnis has appealed to the CEC with a complaint against the head of the Executive Committee of “United Russia” Ruzsky area Vyacheslav Dyachkov, sends letters to the heads of the settlements with the request to ensure the attendance of the forum branch called “register”, dedicated to the mobilization campaign ahead of the primaries. After the letter was published, the leadership of “United Russia” fired Dyachkova. The heads of the settlements or districts that are members of the party, it is unacceptable to send out a letter with installations to ensure the turnout, responded then Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov. According to him, such administrative intervention in a preliminary vote discreditied and the party and the procedure itself.

“United Russia” is responsible only for the party hierarchy to intervene in the work of the district administration can not, says a source close to the leadership of the party. But such facts are in any event inadmissible for the party, he said. According to him, “United Russia” has done everything to protect the primaries of administrative resources, however sometimes the signal is inert.