Putin’s secret decrees changed Fradkov and Vice-Murov

Federal security service left two Deputy heads of Department Evgeny Murov. Retired Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov. In senior positions in the Prosecutor’s office turned out to be the son of the former Deputy Yury Chaika and the former Prosecutor General of Armenia. This follows from the declarations of income, which were published on the websites of the three ministries on 29 April and 6 may. Personnel changes in these agencies is practically not reflected in open sources.

Changes in FSO

As stated in the act, FSO, Director of Department and his deputies are appointed by the President. The latter published a decree on the appointment of the head of the SSF Evgeny Murov in 2000. On the website of the service leadership structure is not disclosed. Orders about change of Vice-Murov was not published.

And only promulgated on 29 April Declaration on the income of senior officials of the Department found that the FSO has left the first Deputy Director Alexander Belyakov and the Deputy Director Alexander lashchuk. In the place of one of them appointed Viktor Tulupov.

Personnel changes are confirmed by several decrees of the President and the government. 5 APR 2016 Vladimir Putin made changes to a working group on security Council under the President on development of physical culture and sports in its part Tulupov has been deleted lashchuk. In the previous version of the document dated 14 November 2015 lashchuk was present as the Deputy Director of the FSO.

Belyakov as the first Deputy Director participated in the work of the Military-industrial Commission. In the Executive order of April 10, 2015 he was listed as part of the panel. 22 January 2016 after the publication of the relevant presidential decree, he was expelled from that body.

In 2010 Belyakov, according to The Moscow Post, was seen as a possible replacement Director Murov, the FSO, which in November of 2015 turned 70 years old. In the same article it was said that the candidacy was supported Belyakov Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time was President.

Head of Center for relations with the press and public FSO Alexander Ryaskov confirmed that lashchuk and whites are no longer working in the Agency, so information about their income was not published. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov explained the personnel changes in the FSO rotation.

The resignation in the RAF

The SVR leadership also appointed by the President. The most recently published decree — on approval of Mikhail Fradkov in 2007 on a post of the head of Department. On the Agency’s website there is no information about the structure and composition of leadership.

Also released on April 29 of the income statements of the guide, left his post of the Deputy Director of service, Secretary of state Sergei Vinokurov. The head of the Bureau for public relations of the foreign intelligence service, Sergei Ivanov confirmed that the position is vacant. Sands and this change is called in conversation with the correspondent rotation.

In the Declaration there are no other changes compared to last year.

Vinokourov moved to the SVR in 2012 from the presidential administration, where he headed the Department for interregional and cultural relations with foreign countries. As noted by Kommersant, the foreign intelligence Service Vinokurov was in charge of strategic intelligence and replaced Fradkov during his absence. In 2004-2007 Vinokurov was assistant to Fradkov, who at that time was Prime Minister.

Hereditary Prosecutor

On the website of the Prosecutor General has information about the Minister and his deputies, who are appointed by the Federation Council on representation of the President. While no data on the heads of the lower link, appointed by the attorney General.

Of income declarations it follows that the Supervisory authority for the position of Deputy chief of one of managements passed Murad Kekhlerov — the son of former Deputy Prosecutor General Sabir Kekhlerov, recently retired. And on a post of the adviser of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika now operates the former Prosecutor General of Armenia Mnatsakan Sarkisyan.

Personnel changes confirmed the official representative of Department Alexander Kurennoy.

Kekhlerov, Jr., was transferred to Moscow at the current post in August 2015, said a source in the Prosecutor’s office.

Previously, he worked in the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office. In 2013, he became a witness to a huge murder case. Law enforcement authorities have prosecuted a former official of the same Prosecutor’s office Denis Yevdokimov. He was accused of receiving a bribe of 5 million rubles. Evdokimov admitted his guilt and initially claimed as wrote “Kommersant” that the money was intended for Keglerova. He declared his innocence. In the end, the son of Prosecutor General remained in the status of the witness. Soon he was transferred to the Tver region on a post of the Deputy Prosecutor of the region.

Sargsyan has been appointed an adviser to the Gulls, but in fact the scope of his duties comparable to the powers of the Deputy Prosecutor General, told a source in Department. As noted by another source in supervising Department, the Sargsyan — the first foreigner in the Prosecutor’s office, which occupies such a high position.

In 2004, by the decree of Armenian President Sargsyan was appointed to the post of Deputy Prosecutor General of the country. In 2013, Sargsyan dismissed. The reasons for dismissal, Sarkisian was not disclosed. The Prosecutor General’s office of Armenia did not respond to a request .

Sarkisian is well known in the Russian Prosecutor General’s office. He participated in the meetings of the coordinating Council of General prosecutors of the States-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Shanghai cooperation organization.

According to the law on Prosecutor’s office, only citizens of Russia can take the post of the head of Department and his deputies. For the advisers to the attorney General no such restriction.

The closeness of the departments

To track changes in the security agencies, including the attorney General, is almost impossible, draws attention in a conversation with the Deputy Director of the Russian branch of Transparency International, Ilya Shumanov. According to him, this creates a situation for potential conflicts of interest when prosecutors are formed dynasties. This is the more dangerous, because the Prosecutor’s office itself needs to verify the cases of such conflicts, says Schumann.

In society there is no request for the publication of such information, believes the member of the public Council of the FSB Alexander Ochirova. She believes that to publish such information should not be, because we are talking about the security of the country. “There are some professions that involve state secrets and national security. In this case we are talking not about politics, but about people who have to stay in the shade,” insists Ochirova.