The price of oil WTI for the first six months exceeded $47

The price of a barrel of WTI crude oil on the stock exchange in new York on Thursday, may 12, exceeded $47, according to the auction. At the peak of the price of WTI reached $47,02 per barrel.

At the opening trading price of Texas oil was $46,23. In the course of trading on Thursday it fell to $of 46.09.

The last time crude oil cost above $47 on 4 November 2015. That day at the opening of trading its cost was $47,85, but by the closing it dropped to $46,52.

On Thursday rose and the price of North sea Brent oil. For the first time since April 29, the price of Brent crude rose above $48 per barrel.

The rise in oil prices came amid published reports about the reduction of oil reserves in the United States, experts say. “The unexpected reduction of stocks occurred despite a decrease in load refinery capacity, may be a good sign for optimistic investors waiting for a more substantial reduction of stocks in the future,” say analysts at Sberbank CIB Dmitry Kolomytsyn and Iskander Lutsky.

At the same time, they noted that you should wait for confirmation of the downward trend in oil reserves. According to them, to supply data due next week is likely to be reflected the effects of forest fires in Canada. “Also, they may indicate that the inventory reduction a week earlier was the result of a technical review,” did not rule out intelligence.