WhatsApp has launched a desktop application

WhatsApp has launched a desktop application

The company on may 10, WhatsApp launched the app for computers. This is stated in the blog of messenger.

App for PCs is the “continuation application installed on the phone: it mirrors conversations and messages from mobile devices, says the company. New version of WhatsApp is available for operating systems Windows 8, Mac OS 10.9 and newer OS versions from Microsoft and Apple.

To download the app, users can WhatsApp website. After downloading the app, you must open and scan QR code using mobile app WhatsApp. After synchronization of the application will be available to all conversation history mobile apps. WhatsApp for computers will support all the features of the mobile version, including online notification of new messages.

Interface of WhatsApp messenger for personal computers running Windows

Photo: blog WhatsApp messenger

With the advent of apps for Windows and OS X WhatsApp covers all key operating systems, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Blackberry’s mobile OS, and Windows. The ability to work messenger on all platforms is a threat to all competitors, especially for the iMessage service from Apple and Microsoft-owned service Skype, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal: iMessage, for example, synchronized with the “landline” and mobile OS from Apple, but not available for Windows computers and Android smartphones, and Skype, with its 300 million users is perceived primarily as a means for audio and video calls but not for text communication.

Despite the fact that the success of WhatsApp in the major emerging markets of India, Brazil and South Africa primarily associated with the rapid growth of the smartphone market in these countries, the distribution of usual functions on the app for the desktop must make the messenger more and more convenient means for working communication in comparison with competitors: WhatsApp is already testing corporate accounts, which should help the service to build a new monetization model after canceling a paid subscription to ยข99 per year in January of 2016, reminiscent of the portal TechCrunch.

Mobile messenger WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by former employees of the Corporation Yahoo Jan the Godfather and Brian Acton. In February 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by social network Facebook for $19 billion In January 2015, the service introduced a web client for Chrome browser.

In February 2016, the founder and CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp active audience exceeded 1 billion users. In April 2016 koum and Acton announced that WhatsApp goes to the “endpoint” encryption of all calls and correspondence users: now user data is not available for wiretapping and hacking by third parties, including WhatsApp.