Debts under the salary have offered to write off with Bank accounts of employers

Required to repay arrears of salary funds may be allowed to write off from the accounts of the employers on the decision of the State labour Inspectorate, the corresponding bill is already prepared in the Ministry of labor, reports “Interfax”.

According to the Agency, the document was developed after conducting in April 2016 “straight line” with Russian President and is on the coordination in presidential administration.

After the adoption of the amendments to the Labour code and some other acts, employers will be required to report to the Federal service for labour and employment (Rostrud) on all open their Bank accounts. If in the future the company will be revealed more than two-month wage arrears, the labor Inspectorate will be able to make a decision on suspension of operations on accounts of the debtor, and also to instruct bailiffs to recover from them is required to make payments to employees funds.

Sources of “Interfax” noted that to speed up the procedure of adopting the newly drafted amendments to legislation are planned to add to the already adopted by the state Duma in the first reading the draft law on increasing the responsibility of employers for violations of wage.

The issue of wage arrears was one of those “Direct line with Vladimir Putin, held on 14 aprella. Putin has tied up the case and non-payment of salaries with the General crisis in the economy and the fact that affected businesses are struggling not to lay off employees, but noted that not to pay salaries “is also not the case”.

The head of state instructed the Ministry of labor and prosecutors really understand the complaint of former employees of the fish processing plant on Shikotan, complained that, taking advantage of the inability to leave the island, the salary they did not pay “two or three months, in six months.” “I hope to hear information about what is happening in this field and in recruiting personnel and in terms of restoring order. And the people that are currently facing our correspondent and in front of us, I want to apologize. We will do everything to ensure that the situation was fixed,” — said Putin.

Later, the acting staff of the fish, on the contrary, asked to stop the checks that prevent them from working. On Friday, may 13, it became known that the Arbitration court of Sakhalin region has introduced a procedure to monitor the financial status of the Kuril fish factory “Island”, explaining the need “to identify the possibility of restoring the solvency of the debtor, as well as to ensure the safety of his property”.

Workers of the fish processing plant has sent Putin a letter, urging to prevent the closure giving them the work of the enterprise. “We continue to pressure: mass instituted criminal proceedings against the leadership. Today we found out that our enterprise is declared bankrupt and we are facing dismissal. But we have nowhere to go to work. It is the only company, where the demand for our work!” the letter reads, which was signed by about 70 people.