Depositors of the three banks was short of funds in the accounts

Depositors of the three banks with the Central Bank recently revoked the license, asked the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), a statement of disagreement with the size of payments, to the reply of the press service of the DIA request . It is reported that the Corporation received more than 2 thousand of such statements.

“Since the beginning of payments the Agency received 328 statements of disagreement with the amount of the insurance placement from investors Stella-Bank, 602 complaints of depositors of Miko-Bank,1322 statements from investors Grossinvestments”, — said in response.

ASV during the test, Grossinvestment and Miko-Bank revealed evidence “of acceptance of depositors’ funds and do not reflect the obligations in the accounting records of the banks”. The withdrawal of deposits balance continued for a long time, and the heads of Grossinvestment before the revocation of the licence destroyed information about operations on deposits, follows from the response of ASV.

According to ASV, the staff of Stella-Bank led double-entry bookkeeping. The Agency found signs of “fictitious formation of deposits in the purpose of plunder of means of Fund of obligatory insurance of contributions” mentioned in the ASV.

The Central Bank revoked the license of Grossinvestment and Rostov Stella-Bank on 11 and 14 April, respectively, Miko-Bank a little earlier — March 24. According to the obtained ASV registries, investors Stella Bank needs to obtain 447,9 million rubles, investors Miko-Bank — 650 million rbl., Grossinvestment — 1.5 billion rubles. However, many depositors of these banks are faced with the fact that they are either not in the registry of the Bank, or amounts that are paid do not correspond to their contribution under the agreement.

For example, one of the contributors of Stella-Bank wrote on the forum “Banks.<url>” that he had opened two contributions on and RUB 210 thousand RUB 1.2 million “On the roster appeared in the accounts of deposits by 10 thousand rubles and on current accounts in RUB 69,95 — interest for 20 days at the end of March”, — he wrote.

Saver Grossinvestment Olesya Denisenko said that he had opened a Bank Deposit in the amount of 530 thousand rubles in February. “When I got the insurance on my account was only 7 thousand rubles., in fact, it is only the interest on the Deposit,” she says. Another contributor Bank Olga Melkonian said he received the insurance reimbursement only 3.5% of the invested — an initial payment in the amount of 30 thousand rubles and the interest on the Deposit.

Last week, the Bank of Russia reported that the leadership of Grossinvestment fraudulently attracted 3.5 billion rubles from the population, which is more than twice the amount of the deposits reflected in the Bank statements. “In addition, the analysis of the electronic database of the Bank conducted by the provisional administration, showed that immediately before the revocation of the license of unidentified individuals carried out actions that led to the destruction of information about transactions on deposits”, — stated in the message of Bank of Russia.

The head of the initiative group of depositors of Grossinvestment Yaroslav Volkov has found itself in the registry. She was sure that approximately 65% of depositors are not included in the registry. Volkova said that 90% of investors do not agree with the amount shown in the documents of the Bank. The press service of DIA informed that the Bank falsified information about 4 thousand investors.

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