Putin ordered Rogozin to pull the tie at a meeting on defense industry

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a remark to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin due to appearance.

“Pull up your tie,” — said Putin, Rogozin passing by at the beginning of the will on the issues of the defense industry. Video from the meeting published RT.

Rogozin followed the advice of the head of state, and Putin has asked the participants to sit down and start a conversation.

After Rogozin told reporters on soveshanii Putin obsadil specific readiness Russian defense enterprises to mobilize.

“We have analyzed all the pros and cons as mobilization training at specific companies, the ability to execute them in the framework of the state defense order quickly within three months all the main points which can be most popular. Saw problematic aspects, according to him, the President set forth the position of the Board of the Military-industrial Commission — they’re all taken”, — said Vice Prime Minister RIA Novosti.

Rogozin added that “it is absolutely clear that the situation in the world suggests that we need to be prepared for different scenarios of action.”

Previously Rogozin and Putin attended the first launch from the East in late April. Initially, the first launch was scheduled for April 27, but for a few minutes before the start of the automation was switched off. In the end the launch took place in the reserve the date — April 28. After stalling the start Putin has made Rogozin reprimand.