The flow of migrants to Greece for the month fell ten times

According to the Agency of the European Union on the security of the external borders (Frontex), the number of migrants who arrived in Greece in April, amounted to 2.7 thousand people. This figure is 10 times below the figures registered in March of Frontex.

Frontex notes that during the same period in Italy in the more dangerous route by sea from North Africa) net profit 8.3 thousand migrants (mostly from Egypt, Nigeria, and Eritrea). In comparison with March the number of migrants using this route has declined by 13%. While Frontex emphasizes that there are no signs of redistribution of migration flows from Greece to Italy.

From 20 March came into force the immigration “deal” between the EU and Turkey. Under this agreement, all migrants, including Syrians who illegally got on the territory of Greece from Turkey by sea, will be deported back to Turkish territory at the expense of the European Union. For each returned to Turkey illegal, the EU will legally take a single refugee from the territory of Turkey.

At the end of April the head of the European Council Donald Tusk said that in the summer the EU will provide Turkey within the framework of the migration agreements of €1 billion Turkish Authorities as the conditions for performing the immigration deal put the liberalization of visa requirements when travelling to the EU for Turkish citizens, as well as the intensification of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU.

The deal, concerning the abolition of visa requirements depend on the European Parliament. On 11 March it became known that the leaders of the factions of the European Parliament decided to stop the process of harmonization this part of the transaction. According to the representative of the speaker of the European Parliament Martin Schulz Armin Machmer, the process of harmonization of visa regime in the European Parliament will not be started until Turkey does not fulfill all the conditions put forward by the EU. Only 72 of these terms and conditions, including mitigation anti-terrorism legislation, the enforcement of the rules on personal data protection in compliance with European standards, etc.