The media learned about the role of intelligence in the expulsion from Russia of Islamic radicals

The involvement of the security services to the departure of radical Islamists from Dagestan told Reuters in different cases confirmed the militants themselves, their relatives and local authorities. According to Agency sources, the authorities not only turned a blind eye to the departure of extremists, but also compel them to do so.

The interlocutors Reuters confirmed that this practice was operating at least until 2014. The Agency notes that the number of such cases increased before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, in order to reduce the terrorist threat.

Member of the security forces, who took part in negotiations with fighters from the Dagestan village Novosasitli, confirmed that some of them “laid down their arms and came” out of hiding, before fleeing to Syria. He explained that the authorities declined criminal prosecution, as these people have stopped armed struggle. He, however, stated that this practice was not associated with the Olympics in Sochi, and that the security forces did not help anyone to go.

Reuters on its part brings the story of 38-year-old Dagestani sa of Sharapudinov of Novosasitli, who was a member of an illegal armed formation and was wanted on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack. In an interview, which he gave in December outside of Russia, this man stated that in December 2012 the Russian secret service encouraged him to stop his criminal prosecution if he agreed to leave, and promised to help to leave the country.

Sharapudinov agreed, and a few months later he got a new passport in a new name and a plane ticket to Istanbul. Shortly after arriving in Turkey, he, in his words, crossed the border into Syria and joined one of the Islamist groups, which by the time of the interview left.

According to Reuters, Sharapudinov brought with special services, a representative from his native village. This official later retired and the Agency confirmed the story by action. According to Sharapudinov, realtor introduced him to high-ranking FSB officers from Khasavyurt, who said that the authorities want to avoid incidents during the Olympics, and did not hide that other militants also offer to leave.

Arudino showed a Reuters correspondent a new passport with a slightly modified name and date of birth and with your photo without a beard. He said that he had to shave to take a photograph for a new passport. He also asked the Agency not to publish his new name.

Even one of the listed six militants Reuters identificeret as Magomed Rabadanov from the village of Berika. Local police told the Agency that in 2014, he was ordered to follow Rabadanova and other radicals before the Sochi Olympics. This source, as well as the father of the gunman said that in may 2014 Rabadanov passed passport control at the international airport in Moscow and left the country vmeste with his wife and son.

Another local police officer said that of Bereket in the Middle East under the control of terrorists left 28 people, 19 of them were considered radicals.

The father of another militant told Reuters that his son was allowed to leave Russia as part of a deal with the authorities. A retired official who was the intermediary between Sharapudinov and intelligence agencies said that he was aware of two more cases when the militants helped to get passports. The Agency was unable to contact the other mentioned fighters, because they are either dead or are in prison or in inaccessible areas of Syria.

Interior Ministry and FSB in December last year, admitted that in the ranks of the international terrorists in Iraq and Syria are fighting almost three thousand citizens of Russia. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told Reuters that authorities had not cooperated with the terrorists and the militants left the country on their own and without government assistance. “Terrorists are destroying Russia. It always has been, is now and in the future”, — said Peskov.

Foreign Ministry spokesman told Reuters that allegations that the Russian law enforcement agencies helped militants “baseless”. The interior Ministry declined to comment, saying that the matter is within the competence of the FSB. Management of FSB across Dagestan has not provided the Agency with review by the release of the material.

Earlier that before the Olympics in Sochi Russian security services facilitated the conditions for the departure of militants from the North Caucasus region abroad, mentioned in the report of the nonprofit organization “international crisis group, published in mid-March. Experts interviewed by the newspaper “Kommersant” have confirmed that the security services helped to leave Russia for young radicals, including by making them the passport. The publication stresses that after the Olympics in Sochi for participation in hostilities abroad in Russia introduced criminal liability.