The Parliament of Canada has proposed to adopt its own version of “Magnitsky act”

The bill entitled “Law on justice for victims of corruption of foreign officials” made to the Parliament of Canada, conservative, James Beza, reports the Toronto Star. A bill relating to a number of individuals, involves making amendments to the previously adopted “Law on special economic measures”. As the newspaper notes, the bill is a version adopted earlier by the U.S. Congress of the Magnitsky act. What are the persons referred to in the bill canadian parliamentarian, the publication does not specify.

“Canada has expressed deep concern about the tragic case [of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei] Magnitsky. We considered the [adopted in the United States] the Magnitsky act and carefully consider the options,” the Toronto Star quoted a statement by the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Canada Chantal Gagnon.

During a press conference in Ottawa, James Beza said that
the bill is intended “to ensure that all violators of human rights were held accountable for their actions.”

“The Magnitsky act abessolo make the present government, was approved by the last government. It is absolutely non-partisan newstony question, which supports the canadian public. We have no guarantee that the government will take it by itself, so this question raised in the Parliament”, — said the head of Hermitage Capital William Browder.

However, as noted by the Toronto Star, that the bill against a number of individuals will take place without the strong support of the government, is questionable. In the European Parliament of four different parties called on the member countries of the European Union to pass such a law, but their attempts were unsuccessful. In the UK the relevant amendments were rejected wording that they can “undermine international relations and foreign policy goals”.

Sergei Magnitsky died in detention center “Matrosskaya Tishina” in November 2009. He was accused of involvement in organizing illegal return of ostensibly unduly paid profit tax for 2006. Magnitsky was the head of the Department of taxes and audit firm, Firestone Duncan, providing legal services including Fund Hermitage Capital Management. In 2012 the United States adopted the so-called Magnitsky act, which introduced personal sanctions against individuals, which in Washington is suspected of involvement in the death of a lawyer.

Now against several individuals and companies in Russia were adopted after the accession of Crimea to Russia sanctions. In March of this year, Canada expanded the previously adopted sanctions against Russia. In the list of the canadian Ministry of foreign Affairs were included two men and ten companies and banks. Moscow threatens Ottawa with retaliation.