The share price of Bank Vozrozhdenie jumped by 75%

The value of the shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie in the course of morning trading on the Moscow stock exchange on 13 may has risen to 944,5 RUB over the piece, which is 75.4% higher than the close of the previous trading session. While trading volume of securities of the Bank for a couple of hours on Friday, almost twenty times exceeded the volume of trading for the entire day of may 12 (1,242 mln.).

Amid a rebound of quotations by the Bank press service confirmed the possibility of placing on the stock exchange of the shares of “Renaissance” owned by the current shareholders of the Bank, in the framework of SPO (secondary public offering).

“Bank Vozrozhdenie is really considering in conjunction with the PSC BV (Promsvyaz Capital B. V.) the possibility of holding an SPO on the stock exchange to maintain the highest quotation list”, — quotes the message a press-services of the “rebirth” of TASS.

The dynamics of the stock in Friday afternoon also commented on the largest shareholder “the Renaissance” — the holding company Promsvyaz Capital B. V. the Company said it did not buy and did not sell ordinary shares of the Bank.

“The company owns a controlling stake in the Bank, so the purchase of additional shares not included in the plans of the organization. Moreover, the company is interested in increasing investment attractiveness of its assets, in particular to increase the proportion of free float and maintaining the listing of shares in the top quotation list of Moscow exchange, and, as a consequence, looking at various options, including sale of a significant share through the stock exchange”, — stated in the message PSC BV obtained.

After the morning jump in the stock value “the Renaissance” was corrected and to 10.35 GMT one of the Bank’s shares on the Moscow exchange was worth 665 RUB., which is 23.5% above the closing level of the previous trading session.