The sports Ministry is thinking about the lawsuit to the New York Times over a story on doping in Sochi

The Ministry of sports of Russia is considering the possibility of filing a claim to the American edition of the New York Times, which yesterday published an article about doping allegedly taken by Russian athletes at the Olympics in Sochi in February 2014. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of sports of Russia Yuri Nagornykh. “Yes, we are considering the possibility of filing a lawsuit,” he said.

At a press conference on Friday he also said that in Russia “there is no doping program in Russian sport in Russia and there was not, and was not carried out before the Sochi Olympics and during the Games” (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Upland, in Russia was only “the program of preparation for the Olympics.” “In 2010, the sports Ministry and the Federation of winter sports has done a great job to rate our performance in Vancouver [at the winter Olympics 2010], to evaluate the reserves and the possibilities to four years to pull many of our sports, so we were competitive,” he added.

Article The New York Times was published yesterday. In it eks-the head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory George Rodchenkov, who is now working in the United States, said that during the Sochi Olympics, where Russia took first place in the overall team ranking and the number of won gold medals, dozens of Russian of Russian athletes, including 15 medalists, was dope.

According to Rodchenkova, he developed a mixture of three illicit drugs that are mixed with alcohol and given to athletes. Also, according to Rodchenkova, he was involved in the substitution of urine samples of athletes who were supposed to be focused on the doping of the sample.

Commenting on the interview Rodchenkova NYT, the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko said that the published American edition of information is absurd. In the Kremlin statement eks-the head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory called “slander defector”.