The West is concerned by the “growing military presence of Russia in the Baltic States

USA, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden urged Russia to ensure that its military manoeuvres and exercises have been conducted in full compliance with international obligations and commitments in relation to security and stability. This is stated in a joint statement adopted following the summit the leaders of the USA and Northern European countries.

The document States that the participating countries of the summit is concerned about “the growing military presence (Russia) in the Baltic sea area, the demonstration of nuclear capability, unannounced exercises and provocative actions undertaken by Russian aircraft and naval vessels”.

USA and the Nordic countries recognize the need to continue “proper dialogue” with Russia to “increase transparency and reduce risks”, as well as to matters of common interest, including the fight against “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), have been solved, and the conflict in Syria was brought to an end, according to a statement.

The leaders of Denmark and Norway, it also stated that Copenhagen and Oslo are ready to join US in promoting “advanced allied presence.”

The joint Declaration, as Euobserver notes, aims to “zoom in” Sweden and Finland are not NATO members, to their Northern neighbors that are members of the Alliance. The initiative of holding a summit belonged to President Barack Obama.

About the incidents involving Russian military aircraft and ships in the Baltic sea starting in 2016, it was reported repeatedly. April 29, the U.S. military said that a Russian su-27 made a dangerous maneuver near the reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. air force. 14 April it became known about intercept a Russian su-27 U.S. spy plane RC-135.

UK Ministry of defence on may 12 reported that their deployed in Estonia, the fighters intercepted three Russian military-transport aircraft, which, according to the Agency, flew in the direction of the Baltic States. 13 may Poland Warsaw said about regular violations of the border by drones from Russia.

The defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that the actions of the pilots of the Russian aircraft meet the international rules.