In Poland began the construction of a us missile defense base

At the opening of the construction of a missile defense system in the Polish village of redzikowo was attended by presidents of Poland, Andrzej Duda, head of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of foreign Affairs Anthony Macierewicz and Witold Waszczykowski. The U.S. was represented by Deputy defense Secretary Robert Work, Ambassador Paul Jones, commander in chief naval forces in Europe, US Admiral mark Ferguson. Among the guests was the Minister of defence of Romania, Mihnea Skein, writes “Radio Poland”.

“This is an important day, because today starts a new stage of strengthening the security of Europe, and thus Poland,” said Duda at the opening of the building, adding that Poland had long waited for the moment when NATO forces must remain in the country.

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz stated that “the purpose of the installation of a missile defense system — to improve the defense capabilities of Poland and its allies”. R/smeshenie missile defense system in the country is not an expression of aggression, said the head of Department.

The base 12 may have been opened in Romania, at the site of the old air force base Deveselu. The representative of the Ministry of defence to NATO, Robert bell before the opening said that the deployed missile defense system “is not directed against Russia.” “The Iranians are increasing their capabilities, and we should be ahead”, — he stressed.

On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the appearance of a missile defense base in Romania. “Now, after the placement of missile defense elements [of NATO in Europe], we will have to think about how to respond to threats against security of the Russian Federation”, — said the head of state.

According to him, the entry in Romania of the radar station (radar) complicates the international situation around Russia. “Recent developments indicate that the situation is not getting better. Unfortunately, it is getting worse, now having in mind the introduction in Romania the radar as one of the elements of a prospective missile defense,” — said Putin. The deployment of missile defense in Europe — “this is not a defensive system, it’s part of strategic nuclear potential of the United States on the periphery,” he said.

Putin also noted that the creation of a missile defense system Alliance continues despite the absence of a nuclear threat from Iran. He added that Russia will not get involved in an arms race, but plans on army modernisation will be adjusted according to the threats.