Kadyrov called false information about the burning of houses in Chechnya

Acting head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the data stating that the Republic set fire to the house of a local resident Zalaldinov of Ramadan, calling them lies. “Write that someone set fire to the house Zalaldinov. It is a lie. I offered to carry out a thorough check. According to operational data, Zalaldinov brought his family and imitated the arson of the home. Experience to cross the law allows it”, — wrote Kadyrov in his Instagram.

About the burning of the house Zalaldinov the Chechen village of Kenkhi (Sharoi district) that occurred on 12 may late in the evening, wrote on the eve of the Dagestan edition “Chernovik”. Wife Zalaldinov told that at midnight it came to the masked men, brought his family and the house was set on fire. “The villagers were forbidden to say anything on the subject, threatening to burn down their houses,” she said.

In April of Zalaldinov recorded a video message to President Vladimir Putin with the complaint to the authorities of the Republic. In it, he complained about the delay of salaries of local teachers, and showed extensive damage in the village. Behind the scenes he told that the village of Kenkhi is in a dilapidated condition after the war and floods. Zalaldinov claimed that complaints to the local authorities don’t lead anywhere.

Information about arson may 13, commented on the Kremlin. “If this fact really took place, of course, is the reason for immediate reaction of law enforcement bodies”, — said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of whether be checked in this case.