The battle among the graves: what was the cause of the fight in the cemetery khovanskoye

One and a half hour standoff

Collision on Khovansky a cemetery started on Saturday, about 13 hours. As told by three eyewitnesses, were attacked by young people in sportswear with arms and started firing on the workers, most of whom were natives of the North Caucasus and Central Asia. In response, the migrants grabbed the rebar, shovels and other tools were on hand.

To name the exact number of participants in the collision, the interlocutors found it difficult. According to them, it was about the “dozens or even hundreds of people.” The head of the press service of the Moscow police Department Sophia hotina told reporters that fighting about 400 people. Police later reduced this estimate to about 200 people.

Police arrived at the cemetery at least 40 minutes after the start of the conflict, saying two companions from among the witnesses. “The riot police came in with whooping and hooting, they even had to shoot in the air”, — said the employee of the cemetery. To end the clashes on the territory of the largest cemeteries was required to mobilize the reserve of Riot police and raise the alarm forces the second operative regiment of police. Khovanskoye cemetery on the website of GBU “Ritual” referred to as the largest in Europe — its area exceeds 197 hectares, number of burials — more than 1 million traffic on the road leading to the cemetery was blocked, on the Kiev highway a traffic jam.

Before the arrival of reinforcements to cope with the situation it was necessary to employees of police departments “New Moscow”: while in different parts of the cemetery there was a shooting, they detained participants of the fight.

Police intervention

To bring the situation under control was only an hour and a half, by the time we arrived at the scene, the head of the Moscow police Department Anatoly Yakunin and head of the TFR Alexander Rymanow. Police sealed off the main approaches to the cemetery, but to completely lock area failed: warehouse, industrial area and other remote parts of the cemetery workers and attacked them vanish, taking with them the wounded, saying the two sides from among the employees of the cemetery.

In total, the police reported the arrest of 90 people: put them on the ground, handcuffed, and then taken to a waiting paddy wagons.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article “murder of two and more persons” (part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code). Two people were killed near the Central entrance to the cemetery: they were hit by the LADA Priora, which was trying to escape two natives of the North Caucasus, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in law enforcement bodies. The car was stopped by traffic police. In the cabin they found the guns.

About a mile from the main entrance was found the body of the third victim. As told a source in law enforcement bodies, the young man issued from the cemetery and his friends tried to resuscitate him, but he died in their hands.

According to the Department of health in Moscow, another 26 people were injured: the 23 injured were hospitalized, four of them in serious condition, the other three from medical help, refused. In the Metropolitan police later clarified that injured 25 people.

For a few hours Khovanskoye cemetery was closed for burials. Buses with coffins, the police stopped at the entrance, relatives of the dead had to wait outside before they began to skip on the territory.

Toward evening a considerable part of the police force was withdrawn. On the spot remained only the police in the cordon and investigators from the Moscow Department of the TFR. Their work, according to the source in the interior Ministry, they had intended to finish closer to midnight.

In clashes, the area around the main entrance was badly damaged: the arrival of investigators from the Church lay upside-down car, lay on the road garments, and all the space around was strewn with shells and stone chips from crumbling grave monuments for sale.

The official version

By Saturday afternoon, the representative of the Metropolitan police Sophia Hawtin in conversation with RIA News explained the incident, “the conflict over the distribution of territories of service of the cemetery”. In the evening a press-the Secretary of the Federal Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk said that clashes occurred between the workers who are not employees of the cemetery and the visitors themselves hire for decorating graves. The police said that basically we are talking about illegal migrants. In the Metropolitan police Agency TASS on condition of anonymity said that it is the natives of Dagestan, Chechnya, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Another version cited by the press service of GBU “Ritual”, which is in charge of the cemetery of Moscow. As they say in the message of the enterprise, received by , in the Khovansky cemetery penetrated migrants from one of the nearby buildings. When the representatives of the security service embarked on their expulsion, the fugitives resisted, resulting in one security guard was injured.” This is not the first case when migrants are trying to escape to the cemetery from the staff of the FMS, according to the press service of GBU. “Migrant workers while defiantly violate the public order, acting aggressively towards visitors and the management of the cemetery,” — said in a statement the company.

A source in the leadership of the Department of trade of Moscow has also linked the incident with the FMS raids and hiding in the cemetery of illegal immigrants. “The exchange of fire occurred because working on the cemetery the guards of Caucasian nationality tried to clear illegal immigrants from the territory of the cemetery”, — the interlocutor claims . This is the latest in the radio station “Moscow speaking” confirmed head of the Department Alexei Nemeryuk.

Exactly who on Saturday was guarding the cemetery is unclear. The day before the attack, may 13, GBU “Ritual” on the procurement website tender posted on 23,8 million rubles for protection for six months several of the capital’s cemeteries, including Khovansky. The contract it is not concluded yet. As stated in the description of the tender, for the protection Khovansky of a cemetery must be made 21 post-formed back-up band for “in the days of mass visiting by the population of the cemeteries, and in the periods of activity of vandals, Satanists”. In addition, the cemetery should protect armed mobile groups and working dogs. The guards have to be pistols of IZH-71 or Mr-471, flak jackets, protective helmets and batons.

From the documents on the procurement website also shows that on April 22 GBU “Ritual” made a similar tender for the protection of several of Moscow’s cemeteries, though within six, but only one month (Ramsar contract was 4.1 million rubles). The contract on security Khovansky of a cemetery was then enclosed with chop Code shield. The size of the contract amounted to 4.1 mln. the same Treaty was signed with this private security company in March.

Alternative version

The employees of the cemetery have a different version of the story. According to three interviewees , the conflict continued for several months. One of the workers claims that unknown to him criminal group, consisting, presumably, of the people from the Caucasus, tried to force migrants to pay “tribute” for each client.

On Friday, may 13, “young people in sports suits” told the workers that “they received the contract for the cleaning of the cemetery and now employees are required to pay them compensation,” says the source . The employees of the cemetery, he said, it was also said that they have time to accept until Saturday. The next day, armed men came on about 15 machines, they were met by migrants with crowbars and shovels, describes his version of the events the source . Prior to that, “a delegation came and to the management of the cemetery to discuss the size of “tribute”, but agree they failed. “This attack was planned long ago. They have come here from from all sides and started beating everybody and shooting the car,” adds another worker.

To obtain the comments of management Khovansky of a cemetery is not managed: the phones listed on the website of GBU “Ritual”, was not answered. An employee of SBI, raised up on one of the numbers to more questions to answer categorically refused.

The removal guide

Chairman of the Russian movement “Tajik labor migrants” Karomat Sharipov told Interfax that until recently the cemetery workers allegedly paid to criminal structures for 10% of the order, but now they have been asked to raise the fee to 20%. According to him, the situation is similar in the Lublin district, where there are about 300 taxi drivers from Tajikistan.

The source TASS in law enforcement bodies insist that the police was aware of the looming confrontation, so the last days at the cemetery was always on duty law enforcement, but on Saturday the post was removed. On the morning of 14 may was on duty only four police officers. In capital Prosecutor’s office promised to check if the police are measures to prevent conflict.

“Scandals in the cemetery occur in the last year. Four weeks ago was arrested by the Director for the sale of places, even earlier, — the employee of the cemetery for what was hiding there drugs. There is also a lot of enterprises in which migrants work. So the crime situation there is not the best,” — said on radio “Komsomol truth” the Vice-President of the Union of funeral organizations and crematoria of Russia Alexey Suloev.

A former Director of the Khovansky cemetery was Michael Chivilev. The employee of the press service English court of Moscow confirmed that in April this year, he was indeed convicted of fraud in the sale of crypts. Civileva sentenced to probation in 1.5 years on fraud, said the representative of the court.

On Saturday evening the head of the Department of trade and services Alexei nemeryuk told reporters who waited for him at the entrance to the cemetery, head of Khovansky a cemetery Yuri Chuguyev will be removed from office “with wording that is not properly carried out all the necessary security measures cemetery”.