The DPRK reported on the whereabouts of detained in the Russian sea, yacht

North Korea has notified the Russian diplomats that yacht with the Russian athletes, detained in the sea of Japan, delivered in the North Korean port Kinchen. This was told by the acting representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in Vladivostok Igor Agafonov, RIA Novosti reported.

“The North Korean side announced that the boat delivered in port Kinchen. The crew is alive and well. The reasons for the detention response from the DPRK, while you wait. Also the Ambassador of the Russian Federation waits for permission to go to the port to meet the crew,” he said.

According to the diplomat, now unknown, as soon as approval is received. Thus a press-the attache of the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang, Denis Samsonov, said that on Board of a sailing ship is the captain and four crew members. They all participated in sports regatta in Busan, Republic of Korea.