U.S. intelligence told of a possible “Palace coup” in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro may be removed from power, the most likely scenario is “a Palace coup”, according to us intelligence analysts, whose opinion leads the Agency Associated Press.

The interlocutors of the Agency do not see direct signs of impending regime change. However, they suggest that “a Palace coup” may happen in the next year in the form of voting for the resignation of Maduro. It, notes the AP, can support and the socialists, concerned about the destruction of heritage for poverty reduction, which was left by the previous President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Analysis of respondents by Agency officials showed that the Venezuelan authorities are trying to delay the referendum on the resignation of Maduro. However, out of the question to block it, probably, is not, says the Agency.

In early may, Venezuelan opposition sent to the national electoral Council of 1.85 million signatures for a referendum for the resignation of Maduro. She exceeded the number of required signatures (200 thousand) several times. After checking the documents of the Council the opposition will need to collect around 4 million signatures. This will allow it to hold a referendum.

Maduro himself said that he would not leave before the end of his term. He accused the opposition of conspiracy whose goal is the destruction of the heritage of Chavez.

Maduro came to power after the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013. His presidential term expires in 2019. Venezuela is now experiencing a severe economic crisis, which is accompanied by a three-digit inflation, shortage of food and medicines, constant outages of water and electricity. The country has extraordinary economic situation.