Poroshenko has promised not to allow “Novorossiysk names” in Ukraine

On svom of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the end of decommunization in Ukraine is the most “matter of national security”. Poroshenko has made the appropriate statement in the course of the event to the Day of memory of victims of political repression, it said on its Twitter page.

“The names of the executioners from the map of Ukraine — averse, it is not discussed. But what name to choose for the future — let communities decide for themselves”, — said Poroshenko. The President cautioned against a return to the Imperial titles”.

“I will not allow the map of Ukraine Novorossiysk to spot the names!”, — said Poroshenko.

.@poroshenko Dine bacterienne — not povertetsya to merskih, neimenovan. Not allowed map of Ukraine zaplanowane novorossijskij toponymy!

— Petro Poroshenko (@poroshenko) on 15 may 2016

In April 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a package of laws on de-communization, in which there is a speech including the banning symbols of the Communist party, but also the requirement to rename all geographical names associated with the Soviet party leadership. Later published a list of the 520 figures, the use of whose name names is prohibited.

In may this year the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision to rename the 74 settlements in the Donbass. The renaming was voted 245 deputies. In particular, the city of Artemovsk of the Perevalsky region of the Luhansk region decided to rename the Ebullient, and the town of Stakhanov in Kadyivka.

Also, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to rename 75 settlements in the Crimea. Among other things it was decided to rename the village the resident of Ulyanovsk Chernobelskogo village Council of the Belogorsky area in the village of Sultan-Saray, the town of Krasnoperekopsk in the city of Yana Kapu, village Libknekhtivka Chistopolye village Council of Lenin district in village China.